Sac-Be is Mayan for “White Road” – the ceremonial road the Maya followed to their cities, villages and shrines. followed the path of a young couple, who several years ago started a free newspaper on the Riviera Maya devoted to providing tourists with a “feeling” for the place. More than a “where to stay, where to dine” guide and not quite a personal travelogue, Sac-Be sought to infuse the tourist necessities (maps, events) with an atmosphere of Mayan Riviera living.

Here are the tourist destinations. And here’s a more in depth, expat view of the place and its people. was originally created to support the newspaper. Make it more timely. Give afficionados a place to come when they’re back home. But a year ago, the website found itself on it’s own. Scott & Dani, our founders, could no longer support the paper. So now it’s up to us. Let us help you to understand what this place of the modern Maya is really like, both on and off the white road.


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  1. I am a real estate agent for El Dorado Ranch located just north of San Felipe on the Baja. One of our agents found Linda Ellerbee’s article in the April 13th edition and has shared it with the office. I would like to thank you for publishing a terrific article and am sending this around to all my contacts so people have the opportunity see another perspective that is very well written.
    I am also sending the article about Mexico’s ban on plastic bags to an eco-broker (which I am also pursuing) who runs a monthly seminar and is promoting green education. I now have you in a file and I suspect will be able to use you as a resource from time to time.
    Great work!

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