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Lydia & Mike Pontius

Lydia & Mike Pontius

Lydia and Mike Pontius, majority owners and operators of Sac-Be.com, have been coming to the Riviera Maya on a regular basis since 1998.



  1. Jane Ng

    Hi! I stumbled across your website when I was doing a search on the safety of the Yucatan peninsula. We are planning a trip in March to Puerto Aventura. I also have a love of the area and made many trips in my youth. I have been a little disappointed with the trips that I have made as an adult/parent taking my children back. I doesn’t seem the same – probably because we are going to big all-inclusive resorts! I do remember going to a beautiful beach in Akumal many years ago. Any suggestions of things to do while we are there to create some “authentic” family memories of the area (that don’t involve throngs of tourist!) Thanks, Jane

    • I would say it probably is the fact you are staying at AIs but no doubt it has grown and changed. Akumal still has a lovely beach with a wonderful restaurant right there, Lolha. And Akumal also has Half Moon Bay and Yal Ku lagoon. Since it is mostly small hotels, condos and private homes it is much more laid back. Also I would suggest taking the kids down to Sian Kaan to the Biosphere. Check out Xamach Dos, Do a tour of the preserve. Still some lovely places they are just fewer. Have a great trip

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