Akumal 50th Saturday Update

Akumal’s 50th Celebration kicked off with a great first night. Close to 200 people arrived at the CEA Center for the wine and cheese reception and was thoroughly entertained with wonderful multi-media presentations from video to slide presentations and a song written about Akumal. Laura Bush began the evening by introducing some of the very first Akumalians. The presentations were heartwarming and brought back a floor of memories for all in attendance. We want to thank everyone who worked so hard on those presentations.

The evening continued over at the stage to a packed crowd who came to eat, drink and dance the night away. There were Latin dance performances and dancing to Latin music followed by Bandikoro. Everyone who worked so hard to put this portion of the festival together saw the fruits of their hard work in the smiles on everyone’s face.

This night was a very special opportunity to visit with old friends, share memories and have a great time, knowing Akumal holds many more great memories in its future.

If you are around check out our schedule so you don’t miss a single thing! http://www.sac-be.com/akumal_50.shtml


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